What’s in a name-Beer names that make me smile!

Clever marketing by brewers sell beer, especially if there is a story behind the beer name and the humour is black!

Wobbly Bob at 6% ABV from the Phoenix brewery in Heywood, North Manchester is not named after an over indulgent Robert, but the 3 legged brewery cat!

The strong ale “All Fall Down” at 6.5% ABV brewed in the Peak District Eyam brewery has black humour on several levels. Other than the obvious alcoholic strength, Eyam was the plague village which isolated itself to prevent the spread of the usually fatal disease. It is also the last line of the children’s nursery rhyme “Ring a ring a roses” which is about the Black Death.

The Titanic brewery in Stoke on Trent has themed beers. Captain Smith’s strong ale 5.2%ABV is named after the captain of the ill-fated liner, himself a Stoke on Trent man.  Other beers such as the florally citrus 4.2% ABV Iceberg, Steerage, Lifeboat and White Star (the shipping line) are also on offer.

A little more obscure are the Shillings (/-).  Belhaven 60/-  which is now part of the Greene King empire and would not recommend, or the Edinbrew 70/- and 85/- which I would, go back to the 1880’s where beer in Scotland was taxed on each barrel depending on strength.  The days when there were 240 pennies in the pound and 21 shillings to the guinea.

A salutary thought – my interest in beer started when there were four pints to the pound, there are now four pounds to the pint!

See what makes you smile in your local hostelry.

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